You’ve got a friend at MacConnect!

We all need a little help now and then.  MacConnect is dedicated to providing every customer with a wide range of tools designed to get you the help you need, when you need it.

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Client Portal:


Hosting Control Panel:

Our DirectAdmin control panel allows you to control virtually every aspect of your website and email.  Features include:

  • Manage FTP access
  • Password protect directories on your web site
  • Install a wide variety of scripts and applications with one click
  • Create/manage MySQL databases
  • Manage your e-mail accounts
  • Change passwords

To access the control panel, point your browser to (make sure you use HTTPS and not HTTP)


Remote Macintosh Support:

Have questions about your Mac? Need Tech Support and dont want to wait for an appointment at the Apple Store. Let us solve your problems and answer you question.
Via iChat you will give us permission to share your screen. We will be able to tech you how to use your Mac as if we were sitting in front of it. To order a support session login to your account and place can order for 30 or 60 minute support sessions